Eyebrow Tattooing in Lone Tree, CO

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up in the morning and already have the perfect look ready to go on your face? How much time and energy would you save if you could skip or pare down your makeup routine?

With the help of 5280 Beauty Bar, you can wake up to perfection and be out the door in minutes. We offer permanent makeup services that complement your natural beauty and make your getting-ready process that much faster.

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Permanent Makeup in Lone Tree

At 5280 Beauty Bar, we believe everyone is perfectly beautiful just the way they are. But we also know that people like to experiment with their look and accentuate their natural beauty to help them feel confident. Eyebrows play a big role in your overall look, so that’s where many people start.

If you weren’t blessed with full, flawlessly shaped brows, ombre or combo brows might be the permanent beauty solution you’re hoping for.

Ombre or Combo Brows is a semi-permanent makeup tattooing technique that helps to fill out and bolden your eyebrows. The individual hairs are drawn onto your skin in a way that looks strong but natural and blends easily with your existing brows. Our makeup stylists can help you choose a shape and color that’s right for you and apply it safely.

Nano Ombre Eyebrow Services in Lone Tree

Are you looking for a brow that’s a little softer than the look of Ombre or Combo brows but just as full and pigmented? Give our nano ombre eyebrow services a try!

Ombre brow shading yields a more powered eyebrow look. The lines are smaller than what you see in microblading, and the pigment doesn’t go as deep. The results are still permanent and can be customized to be as light or as dark as you want. Either way, you’ll end up with gorgeously defined eyebrows and save time and money on eyebrow makeup.

To learn more about which of our permanent makeup services is best for your beauty goals or to schedule your treatment in Lone Tree, get in touch with 5280 Beauty Bar today!

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